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 Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you rent spaces month to month?

Yes, our rental agreement is monthly. Your only minimum requirement is the first month After the first month, rentals are on a month to month basis.

Is there a Security Deposit?

A one month security deposit is required. Security deposits are fully refundable upon vacancy.

Do I need to give you notice when I move out?

Two weeks notice is required.

Is the office manager on site or on call?

The office manager is on site Monday - Friday, 9:00-5:00pm and Saturday 9:00-3:00pm and always on call when the office is closed.

Do you have special offers?

Yes, please call us to hear them.

Do you provide a lock for my unit?

No, you provide your own lock for your unit. Any standard padlock is acceptable. The only limitation is that the shank of the lock not be more than 7/16" in diameter. Locks larger than this will not fit. We sell locks on site that will fit.

Do you sell boxes and packing supplies?

Yes, you may see all of our merchandise located on the Supplies page.

Do you have handcarts or dollies I may use?

Both are available free of charge.

Do you have freight lifts (elevators)?

Yes, at our Super Self Storage Center location. Both Bins & Bays locations have all ground floor units.

What is a drive up unit?

A ground floor unit you can access from the driveway by pulling your car along side the unit.

Can I access my unit 24 hours a day?

At all of our locations, all units are 24 hour accessible.

Can I switch spaces at any time?

Yes, we would then charge per day on each unit for the month.

Can my spouse, kids, or friend access my unit?

If you have provided them with your key and gate code, they may access your unit.

Do I need insurance?

Insurance is optional, it could be covered under your homeowners. We also have brochures for you in the office.

What do I do if I have typed in my gate code but the gate does not open?

Make sure you have entered your code correctly following the steps on the card.

What do I do if I have misplaced my gate code or key?

If your name is on the rental agreement, we can provide you with a new gate card. Identification will be required. If you have forgotten your key we are able to also cut your lock off.

Do you offer RV/Boat/Car/Motorcycle Storage?

Yes, you may either store your vehicle inside a unit or in our outdoor spaces.

Do you have moving trucks?

Yes, we are a full service U-Haul dealership.

Can you recommend movers?

Yes, we have several companies to refer you to.

Do I need a climate controlled unit?

For pharmaceutical products, pianos, or antique glass and certain electronic equipment, yes, you will need a climate controlled unit.

What is the temperature of a climate controlled unit?

50 - 80 Degrees

Do you have pest control?

We have monthly pest control service at all of our locations.


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